Nail Acrylic Short Silver

Application: 1.Clean and buff natural nail gently. 2.Apply nail glue or glue sticker to the plastic tips. 3.Apply plastic tip to the natural nail. 4.Press the tip and hold it for 30 sec. How to remove the nails: The best way to remove the glue nails is to soak it in warm water for good 10-15 mins,then use a wooden pointy stick to lift the edges and wiggle it around to take it off. Caution : Do not use if natural nail are inflamed or infected. Keep out of reach of children. That’s beautiful nail tips can make your nails beautiful quickly and eye-caching easily We have many fashion designs for the nail tips . Please check our store for more,Thanks Read more...

Nail Acrylic Grey Coffin

Grey Coffin Nails Fall Color Pinterest Acrylic Nail Art Proartcat ... Fall Nails fall acrylic nails coffin

Nail Acrylic Colors Green

Photoluminescent Pigment, 3 Colours 100g Set, Green, Blue and Aqua, Super bright, glows all night 3*100g/3*3,53 oz. Phosphor, luminous for Pain,Nail,Acrylic,Crafts,Art,Epoxy Resin Item Specifications: Phosphor (Green, Blue and Aqua glow) Average Particle Size: 30-40um High Quality Glow in the Dark Average Glowing Time: more than 8 hours! Сlean, long afterglow Brightness in MCD/M2: 1 Minute: 4345! 10 Minutes: 715 60 Minutes: 121 Composition: SrAI2O4 Colors: Green, Blue and Aqua The real color may differ from that shown in the photo, as it depends on the settings of the monitor and photographic equipment. The phosphor (luminous powder) presented on the shop window of our store is a powdery insoluble substance based on strontium aluminate (SrAl2O4) that can absorb light energy (charge) and give it (discharge) in the form of a glow for several hours without recharging according to the decaying schedule. The most important use of phosphors is, of course, design. The phosphor is used as a decorative material that can glow beautifully immediately after recharging with a good dimming of the space. This powder (phosphor) most effectively manifests its qualities when the following conditions are met:  - the maximum contrast change in light (it was very light - it became very dark);  - quick change of lighting (it was light - it quickly became dark). IMPORTANT: the glow of the phosphor in the dark always occurs on fading graphics. First of all, after recharging the phosphor, we observe in the dark its peak luminosity - this is the brightest and not very long glow of the powder in the dark, then the brightness of the glow evenly decreases for several hours. Landscape design - luminous leaves of trees, bright paths, fresh flowers, decorative pebbles, etc. Under the cover of night, the usual gardens and parks are transformed into decorations of a charming fairy tale. Floristics - the creation of glowing in the dark flower arrangements for holidays, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events. Tuning cars - use self-luminous paints and varnishes for metal for tuning cars, obtained by adding phosphor to their composition. You can do airbrushing, which in the dark will surprise everyone, highlight the car rims. Costs are small - impressions for a million! Glowing parts of different mechanisms, electronic devices, clock faces, entry and exit signs, many household lighting fixtures and switches. With the help of phosphors, clothes are decorated with original prints, and mobile phones, laptops, mirrors, glasses, wall clocks and ceramic products are decorated with patterns. They put inscriptions on postcards and business cards, and even write pictures. Phosphor is a universal decorative product. The scope of its application, indeed, has no boundaries and can be called dozens of other directions. For example, the last trend is gel or acrylic nail extension with the addition of phosphor to the composition; glowing dishes for nightclubs; luminous paint for fabrics, allowing you to make any prints on t-shirts and tops and much, much more! In short, any, even the most familiar and mundane thing, is able to transform and acquire new properties when using LUMINOPHOR. The filler is sold with step-by-step instructions for mixing and applying to the surface! ATTENTION! The real color of the goods offered may differ from the image on the monitor. This is due to the different settings of the monitor and its color, as well as the way the photo is processed.

Nail Acrylic Purple Color Combos

ADVERTISEMENT ‧ CONTINUE READING BELOW Cool nails color combos – we are sure that is something you need to get inspired by right now. We know that trends are changing at the flying speed and sometimes what was trendy yesterday is definitely a no today. To save you from the embarrassment of wearing on your…

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