Nail Acrylic Spring Fun

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Nail Acrylic Red Coffin

Red nails are always popular in the nail fashion world. Red nails are so stylish and so hot in any season, and they are so easy to match any outfits. So the girls like them very much. Acrylic coffin nails are also fashionable and will never out of fashion. Here we do the red acrylic coffin nails, then we will become the fashion icon. The red long acrylic coffin nails is so attractive and so sexy, no one can say no to these nail designs. Just book an appointment with the nail artist and start your red long acrylic coffin nails immediately!

Nail Acrylic Videos Round

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Nail Acrylic Pink Summer

Stiletto Nails Hot Pink Matte & Gold Flakes, Acrylic Press on Glue on Nails, Also Coffin Square, Oval, 80s, 90s, Barbie, Fake False Nails Pictured here is a beautiful set of candy pink nails brushed with gold flakes! The model is wearing them in a regular stiletto shape and a matte top coat finish. These are durable, high quality, full coverage nails that are easily applied with adhesive tabs or nail glue. (See my FAQ for how-to instructions!) Salon quality and appearance without having to pay for it... or even leaving home! CUSTOMIZE YOUR NAILS You don't have to order them exactly like the photos... You have options! These nails, like ALL of my false nails, are unique, creative, sexy, and completely made to order in; 1.) SIZE 2.) SHAPE (Stiletto...Long Stiletto...Coffin...Long Coffin...Oval...Square) 3.) FINISH (Matte or Glossy) All of these options are available for you to choose from when ordering to fully customize your nails and to bring *your* visions to life! MEASURING YOUR NAILS Measuring your nails will be essential to ensuring the right fit. Lucky for you, it's easy to do! Use a piece of scotch tape and lay it across each of your nail beds, from thumb to pinky. Begin with the thumb. Grab a pen or pencil and make marks on both sides of your nail bed where it joins with the skin. Then, remove the tape from your nail and lay it down on a ruler. Record how many millimeters each nail measures. Do this for all of your fingers and then choose the size that best fits your nails in the drop down box when ordering. It is very possible that your personal measurements will not fit any of the sizes I have provided and that is totally fine. In this case, you should order CUSTOM and then include your measurements in the note box. ** If you are still unsure about ordering the correct sizes or don't have time to measure your nails, I highly recommend ordering a FULL SET, which will come with 2 nails of ALL SIZES... That means you will receive 20 nails in a full set so there is no way to get the sizing wrong! ** SIZE CHART: Nail Size Width (in mm) You will receive 2 Nails for each size: XL: Thumb (18mm), Pointer (14mm), Middle (15mm), Ring (14mm), Pinky (11mm) L: Thumb (17mm), Pointer (13mm), Middle (14mm), Ring (13mm), Pinky (10mm) M: Thumb (16mm), Pointer (12mm), Middle (13mm), Ring (12mm), Pinky (10mm) S: Thumb (15mm), Pointer (11mm), Middle (12mm), Ring (11mm), Pinky (9mm) Petite: Thumb (14mm), Pointer (10mm), Middle (11mm), Ring (10mm), Pinky (9mm) If you have ANY questions please do not hesitate to ask... I will answer any questions you have promptly, and to the best of my ability. If you need your nails for a specific date, please make sure you message me and mention this so I can be sure to have your nails ready in time. While you're here, please take a look at my other items and see if there are any other designs you like. Happy hunting and have a great day!!have a great day!!

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