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NEW GENERATION OF PIGMENT POWDER The pigments in the MEYSPRING Two Tone Collection build a range of intense colors in several shades that will definitely enhance and embellish your arts and crafts projects. A mica powder base coated with Titanium Dioxide and/or Iron Oxide creates a pearly special effect by combining light interference with the light absorption of an added colorant. At the specular angle, the interference color is seen; at other angles, the mass tone of the additional coating dominates. 100% NATURAL, SKIN SAFE, VEGAN AND ECO-FRIENDLY Our mica powders are cosmetic grade and FDA approved for makeup purposes such as: Lipstick Eyeshadow Blush Lip balm Lotions and creams Nail polish The results coloring arts and crafts projects and DIY ventures are amazing as well. The Two Tone collection is definitely great for:  Polymer Clay Candle Making Alcohol Inks THE MOST VERSATILE PIGMENT POWDERS Since our micas are very fine particle pigments (10-60μm) non-toxic and inert, they can be mixed into virtually any viscous, transparent medium and applied to any surface. Below some of the many mediums you can color with this set: Epoxy Resin Plastic Resins Screen Printing Inks Gravure Inks Latex Rubber Plastidip Halo EFX Embossing Automotive paint Lacquer Fiberglass  

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There are many types of nail art patterns, and sometimes you don’t know what kind of nail design to choose the most fashionable and temperament. Choosing the right manicure, the whole person looks full of mystery and good atmosphere, making people shine The glittering nail art pattern is very versatile and can be worn with almost any style of clothing, so you don’t have to be afraid to match the clothes. Embellished with some glittering elements on the nail polish of a single color, it will give you and the people around you a lot of joyful atmosphere! But sometimes you have to pay attention, for example, with the arrival of important festivals, glittering nail polish may be more able to highlight the festive atmosphere. Today, I collected a few photos about the nail art for everyone.

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You’ve seen chrome nails on Gigi Hadid, and now everyone is doing them. By adding the chrome powder, you can easily turn your acrylic into mirrored chrome nails. It’s applied with a sponge, some people do it with those tiny old school eyeshadow sponge wands. Want to try this hit trend for yourself? Most salons …

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